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fredrik tunberg 
viktor kjellberg
CFO/Business Development
anders edström
Development Lead
fredrik edström
mohamad mansour
ida iranmanesh
roberg häggström
Product Manager
erik vallgårda
Technical Sales Specialist
ulrica martinsdotter
petter kvist
Sales Manager

Sally R – Our Story

The idea for Sally R took off in Hallstahammar where the brothers Anders and Fredrik Edström experimented with air treatment and air purification. When they turned their eyes to the International Space Station (ISS), they found concepts for smart air handling.

On the ISS, the air is monitored, treated and reused in a closed cycle in a very energy-efficient way. They wanted to explore if it was possible to combine the optimization and purification technology available at the space station with the existing ventilation technology used on earth, in order to get better air quality for lower energy consumption. And guess what, it was!


The brothers Fredrik and Anders Edström found Sally R together with Viktor Kjellberg. In 2016 capital was secured from Region Västmanland, the R&D Council and Almi. Sally R was named one of the world’s 500 hottest tech startups and was invited to Hello Tomorrow in Paris. The company was one of the first companies to be admitted to European Space Agency’s (ESA) Swedish incubator program, with access to a unique patent portfolio. Sally R wins an award for Best B2B Startup on Sweden Demo Day.





In 2017, Professional Owner Management AB, Tunberg in Stehag and Almi Invest are welcomed as investors in the company. Sally R’s CEO Viktor Kjellberg is named one of Sweden’s most innovative entrepreneurs when he is awarded the Åforsk Entreprenörs scholarship. In the autumn, Mohamad Omar Mansour is hired as a development engineer. A self-developed full-scale air handling unit are built for testing at Hässlö in Västerås.


The first installations of the optimization software ADA are made. One in Hallstahammar, one in Västerås and one in Uppsala, with energy savings with over 30 percent. Sally R wins the award as Innovator of the Year at the business gala Guldstänk. Anders Edström is awarded the SKAPA prize in Västmanland. The company gets the application for Horizon 2020 approved by the EU. Ida Iranmanesh from Oxford University is employed to work with the company’s research and development.


In January an exclusive license agreement with NASA is signed for 8 patents. A project worth SEK 5 million is financed by Boverket to develop technology based on the NASA patents, with the support of Mälardalen University and RISE. Erik Vallgårda, Robert Häggström and Ulrica Martinsdotter joins the company to work with sales, development and marketing. Installations by ADA are made at Castellum Västerås and Rocklunda Sportfastigheter, among others. Sally R is one of the winners of the prestigious 33-listan.


ADA is installed in a number of new properties, including the Mall of Scandinavia, Uppsala stadsteater and Skärholmen shopping mall. Petter Kvist is hired as a sales manager and Fredrik Tunberg is appointed new CEO of Sally R in August.

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