ADA is an add-on-technology that optimizes the ventilation system of commercial properties. It is easy to integrate with the climate control system of the real estate and decreases the energy consumption while securing a healthy air quality.

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less energy consumption is possible with ADA

Optimize with ADA

ADA is an add-on-technology that optimizes the ventilation systems of commercial properties. An add-on product that lowers the energy consumption without compromising the air quality. With ADA, the property owner defines the desired air quality in the building based on temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide level and accepted levels of harmful gases and particles.

1. The service is integrated with existing equipment and via sensors, ADA measures indoor and outdoor air quality and how it changes.

2. ADA calculates the most economical solution for achieving specified air quality based on the parameters that affect it, all the time.

3. The system calculates optimal air flows to cope with the current load and adapts to the change in the load. This provides an even and stable indoor climate.

4. The system compares the indoor and outdoor air to find an optimal mixture of the air masses. This always provides the most optimal use of the air.

ADA is mainly suitable for large open spaces such as gyms, shopping malls and conference rooms. 

ADA is named after Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace who published the first algorithm intended for use by a machine.

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Customer quote

“Sally R has given us direct and optimized control regardless of the number of people in the property. The traditional shortcomings of delayed air circulation due to slow regulation are completely gone. The indoor climate has improved and not only that, it has also resulted in significant energy savings. ”
– Jori Sotala, Technical manager Hallstahammars Kommun

Customer case

Customer case: Ihus Uppsala

IHUS – Uppsala


Ihus is a municipal real estate company in Uppsala. In their central office on Salagatan 18 there is a light hall and a larger conference room. The ventilation control previously gave constant 40% return air with central VAV control (variable air volume), air flow between 900-1200l / s.


After the installation of ADA on Salagatan 18, the ventilation is controlled according to the load on the premises. The algorithm calculates in real time how many people are staying in the auditorium and the conference room, and during what times they are there. This new solution provides air flows between 500-1250l / s, and variable return air between 0-90%.


Measurements show an average reduced energy consumption in total of about 35% in already energy-optimized premises, up to as much as 77% periodically. This at the same time as temperature and CO2 are kept within the desired limit values.

hallstahammars kommun


Hallstahammar municipality holds meetings in a large auditorium (150 m2) with its own system for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The auditorium is designed for 70 people. There is a button for forced ventilation that allows the system to take in 100% outdoor air for two hours. Otherwise 100% of the indoor air is recirculated. Meeting participants often forget to press the button, which results in very poor air quality.


Sally R was contacted in April, 2018, to upgrade and optimize the system with ADA in order to reduce energy consumption.

  • 30% energy consumption reduction
  • Automation of the ventilation system
  • Healthy and even air quality indoors at all times

Customer case: Hallstammars kommun

Customer case: Önstahallen Västerås

önstahallen – västerås


Önstahallen in Västerås is a newly built sports hall of 800 m2. The ventilation unit in the hall is on between 06: 00-22: 00 every day. It draws 8700 m/h with 20% recirculated air. The sports activities take place every hour and the unit always ventilates for approx. 150 people. In a sports facility, it is important to maintain a constant temperature of 18 degrees. Since the people in the building run and generate heat, it must be compensated in the ventilation.


With ADA, the ventilation is now controlled in real time according to the actual load and heat load in Önstahallen. The temperature and air quality as well as CO2 levels can be kept at the desired level to the lowest possible energy consumption.

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