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less energy consumption is possible with ADA


Our technologies for ventilation are developed to improve both indoor and outdoor air quality while at the same time reducing energy consumption. By combining the latest climate-smart ventilation on earth with space technology, we develop services and products that contribute to increased sustainability.


ADA is an add-on-technology that optimizes the ventilation system of commercial properties. It is easy to integrate with the climate control system of the real estate and decreases the energy consumption while securing a healthy air quality.

Regenerate with MARY

MARY is a technology Sally R is developing to filer a wide spectrum of harmful gases (VOC) with activated carbon, regeneration and a low temperature catalyst.

filter with ELIZABETH

ELIZABETH is a filter technology that is developed to remove harmful gases at ambient temperatures without any pressyre drop, based on technology licensed from NASA.

Remove CO2 with Eunice

EUNICE is a technology that is developed to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). By removing these gases, a large part of the indoor air can be recycled, which dramatically decreases energy consumption.

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