Privacy Policy

Type of personal information which we collect & how we collect personal information:

  • All personal information we collect is volunteered by you, as a visitor, to
  • Your personal information is collected via email, digital form submission or initiated contact via official social media channels.
  • Cookies are utilised to collect information by communication with your web-browser and the information your web-browser has collected.

How we use the information collected:

Customer Register

We utilise personal and contact information for the purpose of handling orders and/or for the purpose of maintaining contact as either an prospective customer, a current customer, or a partner.


We utilise your personal information as a newsletter registrant; in the event that you have signed up to receive our newsletters.

Customer Correspondence

We reserve the right to utilise your personal information from our customer register, or information volunteered via other digital channels, to initiate contact with you as either a prospective or current customer.

Marketing & Promotions

In the event that you as a visitor have signed up for our newsletters, we will of course use your contact information to distribute both newsletters or other digital promotional material to you which may include other digital communication channels.

With whom we may share your information

We can in accordance with the following circumstances share certain personal information with the following partners and subcontractors.

PartnerPersonal information which is shared and why
GoogleStorage of member registers in Google’s “Google Spreadsheet” service. Storage of emails sent to us by Google’s Gmail email service. Analysis data via third-party cookie for web analysis to improve your experience on our website.
HotjarAnalysis data via third-party cookie for marketing and web analysis to improve your experience on our website.Analysis data via third-party cookie for marketing and web analysis to improve your experience on our website.
FacebookAnalysis data via third-party cookie for marketing purposes.
Get a newsletterAnalysis data via third-party cookie in storage of e-mail addresses for sending out newsletters and member information.

Use of Cookies

Sally R’s webbplats utilises browser cookies. A cookie is a small text file stored locally on your computer.

We use cookies for the purpose of data analysis with the intent to constantly improve our visitors’ experience, and also for the purpose of marketing analysis.

Refusing cookies

You have the ability to automatically decline the setting of cookies within the settings of your web-browser; or to manually edit previously set cookies by this or any other website. Please consult your web-browser software provider on details, should you decide to do so.

Please note that by declining Sally R’s cookies, the quality of your visit and this site’s functionality can be affected.

More information about cookies

Read more about cookies at: The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) website