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Sally R provides a cloud-based service for commercial real estate, to achieve ESG goals. Optimized performance for your HVAC systems results in energy savings and improved air quality.

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The Sally R story

In 2016, Sally R was founded with the realization that buildings worldwide consume too much energy. Our fundamental belief was that there was an opportunity to make significant strides in energy efficiency while simultaneously enhancing indoor climate and indoor air quality.

This conviction led us on an inspiring journey to explore ways to reduce energy consumption and improve air quality in buildings. We drew inspiration from the advanced air treatment and energy-efficient technology on the International Space Station (ISS). The idea of applying these concepts to Earth, in our everyday properties, began to take shape.

The challenge became clear: could we combine the proven technology from the space station with existing ventilation systems on Earth to achieve superior air quality with reduced energy consumption? The answer was a resounding yes!

Since then, Sally R has evolved into a leading player in the field, and we continue to strive to offer simple and effective solutions to minimize energy consumption and promote sustainable buildings worldwide. Our story is a journey of innovation and commitment to creating a better and more sustainable future by uniting energy efficiency and improved indoor climate.

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