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ADA is the Cloud-based service for commercial real estate, providing optimized performance for your HVAC systems, with energy savings and improved air quality. Simply integrated in your existing system, no hardware needed.
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of the earth’s population breathe polluted air.

To breathe good air should be a human right

Our vision is that all people should breath good air. Thus, we are developing smart ventilation and air treatment technology that improves air quality and decreases the energy consumption of commercial real estate buildings.


of the world’s population lives in places where air pollution levels exceeds WHO’s limits for healthy air quality. Air pollution causes approximately 6.5 million premature deaths. That is 11.6% of all global deaths.


37% is how much the global energy consumption is expected to increase by from 2016 to 2040. Partly due to a growing demand for improved indoor climate in rapidly developing countries, primarily in Asia, as a natural part of improved living conditions.



1/3 of the total global energy consumption comes from buildnings. A big contributor to this is indoor climate control, or HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning). HVAC is responsible for 10-20% of the total energy consumption in industrialized countries.

Sally R – Breathe good air

Sally R is namned after Sally Ride, the first female astronaut. We use space technology to develop novel climate control technology, which reduces energy consumption and enhances air quality in buildings. How?


We optimize the ventilation system of commercial properties to decrease energy consumption and secure healthy air quality.

Improve the indoor air quality with Mary & Elizabeth

We develop technology to clean and improve the indoor air in several steps without increasing the energy consumption.

Improve the outdoor air with Eunice

We develop a technology to remove carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides to clean the indoor air and make the air that goes out cleaner than when it came in.

Our technologies

Our technologies for ventilation are developed to improve both indoor and outdoor air quality while at the same time reducing energy consumption. By combining the latest climate-smart ventilation on earth with space technology, we develop services and products that contribute to increased sustainability.

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