Take control of your air quality

ADA is the Cloud-based service for commercial real estate, providing optimized performance
for your HVAC systems, with energy savings and improved air quality.
Simply integrated in your existing system, no hardware needed.

For any and every building with a

  • Full control over any and all IAQ-parameters, including temperature, CO2, VOC and PM
  • Direct energy-savings ranging between 40-60 %
  • Occupancy data and analysis tools visualized in your dashboard

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The Sally R mission

The idea for Sally R took off in Hallstahammar where the brothers Anders and Fredrik Edström experimented with air treatment and air purification. When they turned their eyes to the International Space Station (ISS), they found concepts for smart air handling.

On the ISS, the air is monitored, treated and reused in a closed cycle in a very energy-efficient way. They wanted to explore if it was possible to combine the optimization and purification technology available at the space station with the existing ventilation technology used on earth, in order to get better air quality for lower energy consumption. And guess what, it was!

Today we provide real estate and all types of properties an easy, scalable cloud solution for securing healthy and safe indoor air quality. Our service is implemented in existing systems remotely, which opens up endless possibilities for optimizing buildings anywhere.

Now we take the next step in making buildings carbon negative. Carbon capture technology creates further opportunities for new solutions regarding sustainability within the built sector.

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