Optimization for every single building

Cloud-based service for optimized performance of HVAC systems

Our solution is an add-on service that lowers the energy consumption of HVAC systems without compromising the air quality: The service is integrated to existing systems and works with every open automation platform on the market. 

ADA is a powerful optimization software for your HVAC controls. The software deploys advanced algorithms and machine learning to find the most optimal settings in order to reach a desired air quality at the lowest possible energy consumption.

Sensors measure indoor and outdoor air quality and, based on the customers requirements, optimal set points are calculated. ADA then automatically, and in real time, feeds the original control with the setpoints achieving the most economical solution for reaching specified air quality levels, no matter what the existing conditions are. 

The results are lower energy consumption, a healthier indoor environment and less time spent on manual adjustments on systems.

Energy efficiency

ADA runs approximately 2500 calculations/minute to find the most energy efficient set points over time to reach desired air quality- and comfort levels. Our customers today enjoys savings between 40-60% in ventilation systems, and a substantial impact on the complete buildings performance (15-25 % on building-level).

Optimization with full control

The user and our customer is in control of air quality. Desired air quality levels in the building concerning temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide level can be adjusted. The solution can be customized, so that it only includes measurements relevant for each specific property.

Fast, Easy and Scalable

The models behind ADA works in any type of building and underlying system, and integration is standardized with only one need of a configuration for each system. This ensures quick start-up times and several air handling units can be optimized by integrating ADA to a central BMS.

Low maintenance

As ADA works autonomously, looking for a unique operational point in every given minute, there is no need for detailed manual adjustments from facility management. So just lean back and enjoy having an optimized building.

get started


Connect the SALLY HUB to your existing BAS/BMS-system


Add IAQ-sensors to your HVAC-system and your building


Start optimizing and visualize the performance in your dashboard at portal.sally-r.com

Sally Dashboard

Air quality sensors

Sally HUB

Building automation system

Any IAQ-sensors can be added to the solution. More data means more control and optimization.

The Sally Hub unit gathers data from ADA and sensors and ensures high connectivity and security.

The Sally Hub unit safely transfers data to any BAS/BMS that supports open protocols.

The performance of ADA and your building can be monitored safely through portal.sally-r.com

Reference cases

Shopping Centres

Learn how Shopping Centres are taking control of their IAQ

Office Buildings

Coming Soon!

Coming soon!

Sports Facilities

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

School Buildings

Coming soon!

Coming soon!


ADA is not a HVAC control substitute, it’s rather an
add-on that provides optimal setpoints for flow and temperature for the local control to use. All functionality related to time schedules, fire etc will
still be in your HVAC control. For the functions that ADA overrides, such as flow- or temp control, the main difference is that local programing can vary a
lot based on the programmer, whereas ADA will always be optimal.

ADA works with every and any building and it can be integrated into any control system thanks to standard protocols and a variety of different software integration solutions.

It depends on how many Air Handling Units you have. The number of Air Handling Units = The number of ADA you’d want. Please contact us to discuss your building.

Yes we do, although our standard approach is to involve our partners instead. We are experts concerning optimization, whereas our partners are specialized on some of the most advanced, but still user-friendly, hardware out there.

No, ADA is integrated, as an add-on, to your existing BMS/BAS-system. Visualization of the performance of ADA can also be integrated in your current (or any future) system. We also offer our customers visualization through our own interface. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to show you how it works.

You can optimize with ADA by either a monthly subscription plan or by purchasing a licence together with our support agreement. Please see our Pricing page for more information.

Although ADA fits any building, the set-up is easier and able to provide significant energy savings in large and open buildings. This includes, but is not limited to, shopping centres, sports facilities, warehouses and office landscapes.

There’s basically no such thing as a specific timing for installing ADA. The service is configurable to run on any set-up with any pre-conditions. It doesn’t matter if you replace your BMS, your fans, your filtration, your heating/cooling system or even rebuild. ADA will be re-adjusted to the new set-up and environment, providing the same kind of optimization. Most likely, the absolute savings will be even higher whereas the relative savings will be the same

Of course! ADA does need an internet connection in order to function, but if your BMS is offline, we’ll assist you in setting up ADA together with a 4G/5G connection of your choice.

You can find our General Terms & Conditions here.

Please email us at contact@sally-r.com or contact us here.

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