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When you choose Sally R to take control and demand-control your property, several advantages follow. In addition to reducing manual work for adjustments and monitoring, your indoor climate will also improve. Indoor climate and indoor air quality are two aspects of the working environment that tenants often have opinions on. This means that you will receive fewer complaints when this is 100% monitored and optimized in real-time. The magic of letting Sally R ensure indoor climate and indoor air quality is that it also significantly lowers your energy consumption. So, it’s good for your wallet, people’s health, and the planet.

In summary, while traditional HVAC control is typically localized and manual, Sally R introduces a cloud-based approach, providing enhanced scalability, remote accessibility, and advanced optimization features for commercial building HVAC systems.

Sally R’s optimization service for properties is compatible with any Building Management System,
anywhere in the world.

In some cases, we may recommend adding more sensors to the building. If we suggest purchasing additional sensors, you can either arrange it yourself, or we can handle it through one of our partner collaborations.

Each customer have a designated customer contact at Sally R, that will help and support with adjustments and optimization settings.
Together with a long experience in the field and a deep knowledge about the optimization this brings further value to the customer, making sure to take the full picture in consideration and bring experience from other buildings while adjusting the settings.
As Sally-R focuses on a great indoor climate with minimal energy consumtion, each project is started with a survey together with the customer that focuses on the air quality goals of each area of their building to set which settings the optimization should work towards.

Sally R is designed to be compatible with a wide range of systems. However, when making changes such as replacing equipment, modifying underlying controls, or renovating the property, it’s advisable to involve us in the process. This ensures that we can work collaboratively to maintain optimal control and efficiency. Our team can provide guidance, make necessary adjustments, and help facilitate a seamless integration with the changes you’re implementing.

If you have already tried our price calculator, the next step is for us to have a brief meeting to go over the conditions of your building. From there, we’ll take it further!

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