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The changing landscape of Retail

Retail in general, and shopping malls in particular, are experiencing an ever-increasing competition from online shopping. It is therefore crucial to step up efficiency in facility management as well as working actively with visitors’ experience and safety. Westfield Mall of Scandinavia (WMoS) is working with energy savings and indoor air quality in the collaboration with Sally R.

Data is in the air

The first pilot started in 2020, when WMoS connected existing HVAC-system to Sally R’s cloud-based service for optimization where algorithms use real time air quality data to continuously optimize set points within specific HVAC units .. The pilot proved substantial energy savings in the centre, and another phase was started in 2021/22 to further confirm these results in order to prepare for a roll out. The results have been comparable with the first pilot confirming a yearly savings potential of 3,3 GWh. The goals are to keep air quality levels, such as CO2, VOC etc within accepted limits at the same time keeping energy consumption as low as possible. By collecting data from !AO-sensors, Sally R calculates the most energy-efficient way of achieving healthy and secure indoor air quality. The service is highly responsive with 2500 calculations per minute and new instructions for the HVAC is sent every 5 minute. Another feature of the service calculates occupancy in real-time by measuring IAO. The occupancy data is easily accessible and provides real business value for both property owners and tenants.

41% energy savings

WMoS has, together with Sally R, evaluated the performance of the service in Westfield Mall of Scandinavia (largest SC in Sweden). The data shows energy savings of 41 % on HVAC and improved I AO-levels. As HVAC usually represents approximately 50 % of a commercial bulding’s total energy consumption, the service is expected to have a significant impact on the whole Shopping Center.

“Westfield Mall of Scandinavia’s ambition is to outperform other shopping experiences. One way of doing this is to naturally integrate innovation as part of our business to stay ahead. We innovate today to create the urban places of tomorrow. The rise of new technology, combined with changing consumer and tenant expectations have set the scene for a new era and we therefore constantly research ways of making our buildings run more efficient. Sally R provides us with an easy and scalable solution to optimize our HVAC-systems, which saves us both energy and secures a safe indoor air quality for our visitors.”

Simon Erlandsson, Operating Manager, Westfield Mall of Scandinavia

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