Norra Backa Shopping Center

Savills IM triumphs in Energy Efficiency.


Results in Norra Backa, Sally R


  • 33% energy savings achieved on the buildings’ total energy consumption in one year
  • Net savings = 72 000 EUR / year
  • Payback period / ROI = <2 months
  • Good indoor climate with increased control of air quality
  • Possibility of higher ranking in the buildings’ LEED certifications
  • Reduced need for manual adjustments through an autonomous solution
  • Analysis across systems identifies other measures for additional savings and improved operation.

“That we have clearly been able to see the results that Sally R’s service has delivered is a significant reason why we choose Sally R for several of our properties.”
Hélène Henning, Head of Asset Management Nordics at Savills Investment Management.

Sally R and Savills Investment Management initiated their partnership with the implementation of Sally R’s unique optimization service at Norra Backas shopping center.
The purpose of the collaboration was clearly defined – to ensure an optimal indoor climate with good air quality for both visitors and tenants, while achieving significant energy savings. The shopping center consists of several different buildings and systems. To achieve energy savings and a good indoor climate with the help of Sally R’s service, reliable real-time data is needed.

In this case, a modern data layer was applied, consolidating data from all the buildings and their stand-alone systems.
This is done in a cost-effective manner and enables the use of Sally R’s AI solution to continuously control the buildings systems in the best possible way.

In the property’s buildings, there were already many sensors that are utilized in the algorithms. IoT solutions enable scalable and cost-effective measurement of, among other things, air quality, but it is important to use the resources that are already installed in the buildings to keep emission levels down throughout the value chain. By using the existing sensors in the buildings, the need for additional sensors is minimized.

For Norra Backa, 20 air quality sensors were added to provide the algorithms with the right conditions and ensure that a stable indoor climate with good air quality is constantly maintained.

Sally R added sensors to monitor:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO2
  • VOC

These sensors can also be used for ESG reporting, achieve better results in certifications such as LEED and BREEAM, and educate tenants and generate insights related to, for example, pollutants that arise from the tenant’s operations.

Through demand-driven real-time optimization of the property’s existing climate systems, the implementation of Sally R has demonstrated significant efficiencies from day one. The results speak for themselves, showcasing an impressive energy saving of at least 630 MWh per year and maintaining indoor air quality levels within acceptable parameters.

Notably, the project exhibited a remarkable Return on Investment (ROI) within just two months, directly tied to the substantial energy savings achieved. This rapid payback not only highlights the success of the project but also underscores its economic viability.

Results of a test run, Sally R

To evaluate the energy savings achieved with the cloud service, a test run was conducted where Sally R controlled the buildings every other day, while on alternate days, the system was operated with standard setpoints.

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