Sally R in partnership with Schneider Electric to reduce energy use in the real estate industry

Sally R has signed a collaboration agreement with Schneider Electric to make it easier to offer combined cloud-based solutions for the real estate industry. The common solution is focused on cloud-based control of ventilation, to optimize buildings’ indoor climate and increased energy efficiency and sustainability in properties.


Heating and ventilation are often regulated locally in each building, but now these functions can be easily controlled by cloud-based optimization solutions in a secure and scalable way.

– This is the next step in property management and automation where you take advantage of technologies such as “big data” and IoT connectivity to reduce energy use and thus property costs and emissions, says Fredrik Tunberg, CEO of Sally R

By regulating ventilation in commercial properties through smart cloud-based systems, a good indoor climate such as air quality and temperature, can be ensured while keeping costs down and saving the environment.

– Together with Sally R, we can now deliver cloud-based control of ventilation and its functionality, says Tomas Bäckstadi, Service Director Digital Energy at Schneider Electric in Sweden. In this way, we can offer a complete solution from the start that is open, secure and scalable. This, together with our development of Digital Twins, gives our customers many opportunities for reduced energy use and climate footprint from properties.

Today, the real estate industry accounts for a large part of global emissions and reducing emissions from real estate is therefore one of the biggest climate challenges.

– The collaboration between Schneider Electric and Sally R makes it easier for customers in the real estate industry to optimize energy use, says Sally R´s CEO Fredrik Tunberg. This is good news for the real estate industry, but also for the planet, as each energy-optimized building together makes a big difference.

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