Sally R optimizing Mall of Scandinavia

The Retail landscape is changning

Visitors experience and safety are of the highest priority when shopping centers today compete against the increasing online shopping. That´s why Westfield Mall of Scandinavia (WMOS) is working with Sally R, to get the best possible indoor air quality inside of the shoppingcenter, while saving energy.

The collaboration started in 2020, when WMOS chose to connect their existing HVAC system to Sally R´´s cloud-based service for optimization. By collecting data from the buildings IAQ sensors, Sally R calculates the most energy-efficient way of achieving healthy and secure indoor air quality, with 2500 calculations every minute.

The initiative started as a pilot to show how a modern system could be optimized (described in ref case), and the successful results have paved way for a rolling out the solution in the centre.


The energy savings pays for the service


Sally R not only improves the indoor air quality in the shopping center, the data also shows that there are 41% energy savings on HVAC with our solution being added to existing HVAC and running it as effcient as possible when it is actually needed. The numbers speaks for themselves, and these numbers tell us that the energy savings not only pays for the cloud-based service we provide Mall of Scandinavia, but cover more beyond that.

Do you want to look at the full case report, you can download it here


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