Unlocking Energy Savings with Intelligent HVAC Optimization

Many times, energy savings are mentioned as an incentive and a crucial reason to invest in new technology. And we completely agree – if we want to achieve our climate goals, we need to think differently. 💡

When Sally R optimizes HVAC systems in buildings, we’re talking about a potential reduction of the entire building’s energy usage by 25%. The best thing about Sally R’s optimization service is that it’s an add-on, to any existing system. That means you don’t have to replace anything; you simply add software as an extra layer to your current system.

While prioritizing energy efficiency in new construction is crucial, it is equally important to recognize the need for updates in many existing buildings that have been operational for years. If we keep depending on old methods and systems, we will encounter familiar challenges, just like we have in the past. By focusing on retrofitting existing buildings, we can make substantial progress in reducing energy consumption and moving towards a more sustainable building sector.

Recently, we received the results from an evaluation of our service. The HVAC system is from 2013, and the outcome? It speaks for itself – take a look for yourself!  👀

We’re expecting savings of 300 000 kWh per year, which would mean an energy reduction of 25% for this part of the property. With that said, we expect even more in the future. With such significant energy reduction in this part of the property, we anticipate even greater overall energy savings for the entire building.  🎉

We had the incredible assistance of a team that provided sensors and connectivity to measure indoor air quality, laying the foundation for the data that Sally R can work with. Thank you, Lummelunda Tech, for the help and great collaboration!

And let’s also talk about this image. This property owner uses our friends at Mestro’s service for energy monitoring.
It has never been easier and clearer to track the impact of HVAC optimization. Well done, Mestro! 💙

You can also read the full success story here 🎉


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