Sally R and Skanska signs Partnership Agreement

In March 2022, Sally R was crowned winner of The Proptech Championship, hosted by Proptech Sweden and Skanska.


Besides the trophy and the glory, Sally R was also awarded an agreement to become innovation partner to Skanska.
The agreement between Sally R and Skanska is now finalized with high ambitions to provide Skanska’s properties with cutting-edge solutions to ramp up sustainability.


“We very much look forward to start working with Skanska. This collaboration is a landmark for Sally R as we now have a dedicated partner with the same agenda as us; less talking and more action. We will start off working with properties in Sweden, and then move into the other Scandinavian countries. Within a year, we will be looking into Skanska’s properties in the U.S and elsewhere”.
– Fredrik Tunberg, CEO of Sally R


“I’m convinced that Skanska and Sally R have a huge potential as partners to innovate for increased sustainability within our properties. Indoor air quality is an increasing concern globally and we need to be able to find new ways to offer our employees, tenants and clients safe and healthy buildings.
–Henrik Ahnström, Director of Innovation at Skanska  


This collaboration includes implementation of Sally R cloud-based optimization for ventilation as well as finding new features related to indoor air quality data. Monitoring, optimizing and visualizing indoor air quality does not only provide safe and healthy air, but also cuts energy consumption within HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition).


Also included, is different initiatives and strategies to start implementing Sally R Carbon Capture inside these properties. Carbon Dioxide has a negative effect on people’s cognitive capabilities and measures to limit CO2-levels can provide cost-efficient alternatives to increased ventilation.


“Exciting things are about to happen, and we look forward to continue to improve buildings together with Skanska” – says Fredrik Tunberg


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